Thinking About Leasing Your Property?

We specialize in managing & leasing single family homes, townhomes and condos & we thank you for your business!

 Let SCV Home Rentals Do the Work
for You!

 Make it Easy on Yourself!

 There is so much to think about!!!

♦  How do I qualify potential tenants?
♦  How much deposit can I charge?
♦  What do I do if they stop paying rent?
♦  How long will it take to get them out?
♦  What if they have more people move in?
♦  What if they have other people move in and they move out?
♦  What if they bring in pets in a "no pet" residence?
♦  What if the neighbors complain about them?
♦  What if the neighbors are a nuisance to the tenants?
♦  What if they clog the plumbing or break a window ... or?
♦  Who pays for repairs?  When?
♦  Who handles emergency calls?

Do you REALLY want to become a full time property manager ... OR ... have a property manager work for you?  How much is your time worth?


Programs We Provide

 Full Management

We show the property and find the tenant ... do all the screening ... complete the lease and attached documents ... and handle everything.  We collect the rent, deduct expenses, meet plumbers, electricians, etc. when necessary ... and send your proceeds monthly with a complete record of any and all expenses.  You're the boss, we're your staff.

♦  Advertising
♦  Showing your property
♦  Screening all prospective tenants
♦  All necessary paperwork
♦  Collection & disbursement of security deposits
♦  Collection of monthly rents
♦  Overseeing maintenance
♦  Property inspections

 The fee for these services is based upon the number of units managed and applies only to rents collected:

1 to 4 Units, the Fee is 8%
5 to 8 Units, the Fee is 7%
9 or More Units, Call

A monthly computerized statement will be mailed with your check.

There are NO upfront fees ... NO hidden costs!


The "Just Rent It"  Program

We find you the tenant ... do all the screening ... complete the lease and attached documents ... give the tenant to you and you do the managing!

♦  Advertising
♦  Showing your property
♦  Screening all prospective clients
♦  All necessary paperwork
♦  Collection of deposit and first month's rent

 The fee for these services:
50% of One Month's Rent - No Up-Front Fees!!!

 After the tenant moves in, the owner receives a copy of the tenant's application and the original lease agreement, along with an Owner Statement and check.  These are mailed out within two weeks after move-in.


A Few Suggestions to Get Your House Rented Fast!


1.  Price rents at market value.
2.  Pay some utilities, such as water.
3.  Pay for a gardening service.

4.  Make sure the home is well landscaped ... front & back. 
5.  The home should be thoroughly cleaned.  Do not leave any personal items.
     (Use of an air freshener may help.)
6.  Nice window treatments always help.
7.  Consider allowing tenant to have a pet.  There is a huge percentage of people
     with pets.  You can stipulate the type of pet permitted or excluded.

Please note that it is to your benefit to pay for water & gardening service for a single familty home.  If your proerty has a pool, you need to include pool service.  It's important to protect your asset.

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