To qualify for renting through SCV PROP MANAGEMENT

  1. Gross household income (before taxes) should to be at least three (3) times the
    amount of the monthly rent.
  2.  Good credit.
  3. No prior evictions.
  4. Verifiable income.
  5. We do not accept cosigners/guarantors.


Each person 18 years of age and older must complete an application even if they are not working.

A one-time, non-refundable, application fee must accompany each application.   The application fee is $45.00 per person.

Screening includes credit history, eviction history, history of bad checks and criminal history report.  Any negative credit information that may be disclosed (previous evictions, civil judgments or poor credit rating) or any falsification on any part of the application may result in non-approval.

Gross monthly income will be verified and must be at least three (3) times the monthly rental amount.  A photo ID,  plus last two months paycheck stubs must be furnished.   Self-employed persons must provide previous two (2) years Schedule 1040 Tax Returns and last two (2) months bank statements.

Upon approval of your application, this office must be receive the full security deposit within twenty-four (24) hours of notification of approval.   PAYMENT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.   One month’s rent must be paid when the lease is signed.  It must be in the form of CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.   Future rent payments may be made with personal check or paid online.  Property will remain on he market until the lease is signed and the move-in costs received.

We do not accept cash for rent or security deposits.

Most security deposits are equal to one month’s rent, plus $300 to $500.   Security deposit may be increased due to the acceptance of a pet or credit history.  The maximum security deposit for an unfurnished property is equal to two (2) month’s rent.

Tenant is required to maintain renter’s insurance with a minimum $100,000 liability coverage naming SCV Prop Management and  Owner of Record named as additionally insured.  The declaration page must be received when lease is signed.


Please click on “Available Rentals”, scroll to the desired property, and “Apply Now”.  Follow the prompts.