Thinking About Leasing Your Property?

We specialize in managing & leasing single family homes, townhomes and condos & we thank you for your business!

Let SCV Home Rentals Do the Work for You!

Make it Easy on Yourself!

There is so much to think about!!!

  • How do I qualify potential tenants?
  • How much deposit can I charge?
  • What do I do if they stop paying rent?
  • How long will it take to get them out?
  • What if they have more people move in?
  • What if they have other people move in and they move out?
  •  What if they bring in pets in a “no pet” residence?
  • What if the neighbors complain about them?
  • What if the neighbors are a nuisance to the tenants?
  • What if they clog the plumbing or break a window … or?
  • Who pays for repairs? When?
  • Who handles emergency calls?

Do you REALLY want to become a full-time property manager … OR … have a property manager work for you? How much is your time worth?

Programs We Provide

  • Full Management
  • We show the property and find the tenant … do all the screening … complete the lease and attached documents … and handle everything. We collect the rent, deduct expenses, meet plumbers, electricians, etc. when necessary … and send your proceeds monthly with a complete record of any and all expenses. You’re the boss, we’re your staff.
  • Advertising
  • Showing your property
  • Screening all prospective tenants
  • All necessary paperwork
  • Collection & disbursement of security deposits
  • Collection of monthly rents
  • Overseeing maintenance
  • Property inspections
  • The fee for these services is based upon the number of units managed and applies only to rents collected:
  • 1 to 4 Units, the Fee is 8%
  • 5 to 8 Units, the Fee is 7%
  • 9 or More Units, Call
  • A monthly computerized statement will be mailed with your check.
  • NO upfront fees … NO hidden costs!
  • Contact Us!